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"Jericho" Sneak Peek

Updated: May 3, 2018

"Jericho" is the first track off my "Valleys" EP (available May 18th!). 

Check out a 30 second preview of the song below, and

then read about what went into writing the song!

I think a lot of us have felt the draw to join in with corruption and revelry in the world around us - "Jericho” speaks to this idea. The speaker in the song invites you to come have a good time, and the only rule is to abandon law. The chorus and second verse, however, reveal a little more of the picture - this place is crumbling down. It’s like he’s saying, "You can have whatever you want, but ignore the cracking floors.” Lyrically, I wanted to explore the idea that while a life lived outside of the Kingdom of God can appear to be “fun” and harmless, there is an underlying darkness that produces a great amount of consequences. 

Before we came into the studio to record this one, I got a chance to take a second look at the bridge. The acoustic version on the "Sinner" EP describes how the speaker believes you're just going to give in, but this time around I wanted to deliver the message that there's a way out. So the bridge lyrics changed from "Even though it ain't right you're gonna sign up today/We got a spot here for you if you sign up today" to "You can take hold my hand or you can just walk away/There's a price to get out that's already been paid." I love the change. It's easy to focus on how hard temptation is, but we should never forget that we’ve been empowered to overcome it.

Musically, the journey of this song was unique for me - I wanted to change up my typical songwriting state of mind, and that was an experiment that sparked a bit of imagination. I had been listening to a lot of blues during that time, and I knew I wanted to mix it with an upbeat, "jump to the rhythm” vibe- the song almost wrote itself! 


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