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"Wild" Sneak Peek

As we get closer to my Valleys EP release on May 18th, I’m featuring some “behind the scenes” looks at the songs on the record. This week is all about “Wild,” and I’ll be honest - the word “Wild” wasn’t even in the song at all when it was written.

“Wild” was written in 2017 when I was preparing for my slot at Creation Fest in less than two days. I was hurried to finish it as I had spent four hours writing and memorizing lyrics, then practicing singing and creating live loops. My daughter was five years old at the time, and she was sitting in the practice room with me. When I was satisfied that the song was finished and ready, I took a break to take my daughter outside. She was so excited about the song, she was dancing around and singing it. When she got the chorus, she sang “Wild” instead of what I had written. And it was better. I had to march back into the practice room and rewrite the entire song around the word “Wild,” which of course meant another few hours of writing, memorization, and practice. I couldn’t be happier with the result. So technically, a five-year-old girl was a co-writer for that song.

The song that began as “Lighter, lighter, make this load lighter on me” became “Wild, wild, bring out the wild in me.” The original lyric was a plea for God to help lighten a heavy load; the load, at the time, being finances as we moved forward both with my music career and trying to support a growing family. I loved the change to “Wild, wild, bring out the wild in me,” because now the lyrics speak to trusting God whole-heartedly. Instead of begging for God to make my life easier, I’m asking Him to bring out the wild in me and diving headfirst into the plan He has for me. Trusting 100% that we out on His path and living free and “wild” in the life He has for us. It went from wanting God to change the circumstances to wanting God to change me; from passive faith to active faith. 

I have to admit, it absolutely fit the vibe of the song more. It’s one of my top three favorite songs to perform live, and I’m pretty sure it’s my daughter’s favorite.

And guess what?

Wild merch is here!

Head here to check it out!


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